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My name is
Devaiya Ra,

and I am here to support you on a soul level. My purpose is to help you reclaim your power, purpose, and potential through restoring the connection between body, heart, and the soul. This connection serves you in all areas of your personal and professional life. You might be an entrepreneur or soulpreneur like me, or maybe you are dedicated to a life working for others, but no matter what your chosen path is, we have something special to share with each other.

We are all 
interwoven together in this wonderful human experience and we all carry incredible potential within us. I am here to help you discover and harness your gifts and skills so you can continue to accelerate your life in limitless possibility!

I am so happy you have found yourself here connecting to the magic and medicine which I have cultivated after decades of healing and reconciliation! May this online sanctuary serve you on your own journey of creativity and inspiration. If you would like to learn more about my inner story, please click here.

You have made it

Every step of the Way

Now it’s time to accelerate everything you are creating
and bring yourself into a new level of success and pleasure!

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Devaiya Ra - Soul Alchemist and Quantum Reiki Master

& You are an
intrinsic part
of humanity’s


Listen to the soft voice
that is held in the
sanctuary of your
heart and soul.
As you continue to
remember your Truth,
remember that your wings are ready. 
Embrace your totality,
and learn how to fly!

We are the love revolution.

This is our time OF Turning.

We are the wayshowers of Unity Consciousness and together we are changing the world!

In our Earth body, may we remember our primal medicine dance.
In our Emotional Body, may the sounds and rhythms of our hearts sing.
In our Energetic body, may our angelic and source energy calibrate.
In our Astral body, may the echoes of ancestral awakening rise.

It's time to ActIVATE, Are You Ready?!

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