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||  Soul Alchemist  ||
||  Quantum Life Coach  ||
||  Prayerformance Artist  ||

In our earth body, may we remember our PRIMAL medicine dance.

In our emotional body, may the SOUNDS and RHYTHM of our hearts sing.

In our energetic body, may our ANGELIC and source energy calibrate.

In our astral body, may the echoes of ANCESTRAL awakening rise.

My name is
Devaiya Ra,

and I am here to support you on a soul level. We are all interwoven together in this wonderful human experience and we are capable of incredible potential! My purpose is to help people reclaim their inner power through restoring the connection between body, heart, and the soul. 

May this sanctuary serve you on your own journey of creativity and inspiration.  

If you would like to learn more about my personal journey, please click here. 

xo, Devaiya Ra

A Gift for you:

This DNA Activation came through
after a Quantum Reiki Level 1 & 2
attunement on February 29th 2020.

Listen to the voice that is held in the sanctuary of your heart.
Your wings are ready, sweet child of the universe. You are an intrinsic part of humanities evolution.

We are the
love revolution.

Embrace your totality, and learn how to fly!

This is your time.

A reflection from Devaiya January 2020

“When I first started performing, I would have never anticipated the rapid growth that would take place in the last few years. Though I have been performing and teaching for over 8 years, I really began stepping into my full presence and power through Burlesque and Drag. Within the span of 2 years, I have performed over 100 times, including festivals and events across the west coast. Not only was I welcomed with open arms by so many producers, but the community that came from this has been so incredibly loving and supportive of the essence of Devaiya Ra.

Through these years I have come to learn why my performances are so potent. I have studied yoga and movement for over a decade, as well as studied over 10,000 hours of healing modalities and initiations including Reiki, Celtic Shamanism, Life Coaching, Countless Yogic Lineages, Embodiment, Past Life Regression, Sacred Ceremony, and so much more. And through this Inner Alchemy I have found a super niche container that a handful of us on the planet call ‘Prayerformance’.

This is Ancient Futurism at its finest. Taking the neural network of our personal stories, and turning it into art to show the world.

What is ‘Prayerformance’, you might ask?

This is Performance Art on a new level of energetic awareness. Prayerformance is the art of working with the energy of the audience, and using the time of undivided attention to alchemize, inspire, and elevate hundreds of people in one performance.

I am here to Alchemize the parts of you that long to be seen, loved, and shared with the world.”

Devaiya Ra”

How you choose to create your reality is entirely up to you. You are the Master Manifesto of your reality.
Only you live between your two ears. What is the conversation you have with yourself, and how can you love on it more?

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Give yourself the love that
you so freely give to others.


  • Victoria, BC Canada
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