Water is Life, Water is our first medicine.

One drop of water is all it took to change the world.

Water bearers around the planet move sacred water between leylines, sacred sites, and at gridpoints to help anchor prayers across the globe.

The statement ‘One drop of water is all it took to change the world’ speaks to the singular being a part of the whole. And it is complete in its cycle, but will continue to be carried.

As humans, we hold individuality in such a high regard, but as a societal system we have lost touch with our interconnected nature.

We are water. We must come back to seeing our one drop being apart of a vast ocean.

7.7+ Billion people. And yes, your actions – thoughts – words matter. They communicate what you want your energy to focus on and create.

The universe only hears I am statements, so when you speak fear and anger you are actively creating that for yourself. While moving through grief, recognize that your body is navigating a purging process so that you can claim the power in yourself.

Water is life. Water is our first medicine.

What you think, others feel.
What you speak, others feel.

Release all fear, and alchemize it into Love.

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