Truth knocking at your doorstep

I share this post from a place of raising awareness. I do not consent to embodying fear in my cellular being, but I do consent to sharing this information to bring awareness to matters that are happening immediately in our city of Victoria BC Canada as well as all around the world. This is a far larger crisis than any v*rus we are being told about.

For all of those who think child trafficking does not happen in Victoria, here is an article published in the Times Colonist TODAY.

I encourage you to screenshot this photo as this is not the last time we will hear about this in the coming months. This is not something to take lightly…we are going to be exposed to many hard Truths that are going to be used to divide our collective union. This is the tip of the iceberg in our local narrative.

This 60 year old man was a victim of PTSD, but his victimization from the military warrants absolutely ZERO tolerance and acceptance to housing child p*rn*graphy, let alone some of the photos being his own stepson who was only 5 years old. Oh, and notice how they wont release this man’s name because of his ‘service’ in the military. And they pass it off as PTSD…I call BS. 100%.

I don’t care if you ‘served over 30 years in the military’ – this level of misconduct is NEVER acceptable. An innocent child was victimized and the child’s mother was in on it. Plus, how many of these 800+ photos reported showcase other scenarios happening RIGHT NOW in our modern world. How many other children are being placed into this disgusting narrative that is taking place on a global level?

Let the fire burn bright so the eyes of those who choose to see Truth may be aware that this is not something that just happens in other parts of the world.

This is happening right here in Victoria BC Canada.

And as I share this, I know I open up a can of worms to a lot of backlash from people living in fear. The fact a 60 year old man is being protected, meanwhile mainstream media is able to use this story to boost reader ratings is absolutely appauling. This man, this woman, this child, and this child’s father are all victims or capitalist criminal destruction. This system we live in is not for the people…it is all about saving face and brushing things under the rug while boosting media ratings and programming fear into the collective consciousness.

Trust me, I know this all to well as the man who killed my father 3.5 years ago managed to walk away innocent and free of charge in an international murder trial. And yes, he is living freely in Victoria despite stabbing and killing an innocent man. My father.

Trust me, Forgiveness and inner reconciliation is the only thing that allowed me to not be bound by systemic trauma and opression. Because the system that is supposed to protect us failed to do the only thing it is supposed to. Zero restoration happened and a murderer walks freely. Just like this man who victimized his 5 year old stepson walks freely on ‘house arrest’. And my lived experience is one of thousands, if not millions or billions, of cases all around the world.

Trust me, this system has to change. Not to take away power from the accused, but to rewrite the entire foundation of how we manage victimization from both sides of the accused and the oppressed. Both sides are victims to a vicious intergenerational cycle that so desperately wants to heal.

I pray for the Truth to be revealed in full.

I pray for restorative justice and reconciliation for all of those who are innocent beings subjected to a destructive system.

I pray for the Criminal Justice System to actually do the necessary work to prosecute and restore those who have hurt others because they were hurt themselves. And to create opportunity for the accused to heal the intergenerational wounds that caused them to inflict such horrific crimes against humanity.

I pray for the full healing of ALL of humanity.

One breath at a time.

Nothing brushed under a rug anymore.

The time is now,
For Love Has Won.

I no longer pray for criminal justice,

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