Taking Flight

This morning I arrived in Calgary, where masks were mandated today starting August 1st. Getting told to put my mask back on when I was trying to drink water…and complying every other moment except for taking a sip of water.

I could feel the fear when landing as we overlooked beautiful nature landscapes. People continue avoiding each other and not holding eye contact. How separate do we need to become?

I’m so glad I brought crystals and sacred water to carry medicine to this part of the world. As a gridworker, I will always carry my medicine for the planet.

For each person who chooses to only engage in arguments centered around fear and projection, I hold them with open loving arms. As a collective, the more we continue to divide ourselves the easier it will be to lose commUnity. We must be mindful of how we hold conversations, and the emotions we are directing towards others. Protection is not the same as projection.

Nobody knows the full story of what is taking place on a global level. We need to remember this despite our preconceived knowledge and information we are exposing ourselves to.

And once again, as always, release all fear and alchemize it into Love. 💖

May ALL voices and perspectives be held in neutrality and Love. May the distortion and separation continue to be revealed so we can heal and understand one another from a place of compassion and empathy.

And so it is. 💖

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