In this moment,
we honour those who came before us, our ancestors;
those who have yet too come, the futurists;
and those who walk alongside us in our present.

Each human lives in a magnificent and efficient body-vessel which is capable of incredible experiences. Our body communicates through the senses and anatomic systems. Our mind communicates through thought and emotion. Our soul communicates through the frequency of love.

Our external life is a direct reflection of the internal relationship with our self
Our bodies were created to be sacred temples for our souls to flourish in.

Within these Soul Alchemy Sessions, Devaiya Ra works within a multitude of healing lineages and ascension modalities to hold space and facilitate your most optimal, high vibrational, soul energy healing. You are your own healer; therefor, you will always receive exactly what you need. Devaiya is a conduit for source energy to move through, for you to receive and re-calibrate.



Soul Alchemy Sessions are for those who:

+ Have been calling in ways to love themselves more

+ Want to learn about self-care from an energetic perspective

+ Are feeling overwhelmed with life circumstance or turning points

+ Experienced trauma or emotional upheaval

+ Discovered energetic blocks in their body (physical, mental, or spiritual)

+ Have been calling in spiritual support, and assistance in recalibrating and integrating cosmic upgrades

Soul Alchemy Sessions consist of:

-Drum Journeying
-Power Animal Activation
-Inner World Visioning
-Chakra Clearing
-DNA Regeneration
-Reiki Recalibration
-Binary Code Randomization
-Seraphim Wing Activation
-Channeled Song
-Channeled Soul Message

Galaxy 6

Each session begins with light conversation to presence with each other and create a container supported by ancestors, elders, guides, and loved ones. Opening the energy body through the master lineage of Usui Reiki, Devaiya listens, scans, and reads the energetics of your body. From this place, the session is commonly guided into the lineage of Alchemist Path Shamanism.

Here we discover energetic patterns and fragmentations unique to each person.

Together, we move through an energetic clearing, releasing past patterns and belief systems, while Devaiya communicates and holds space through the frequency of the heart. Ancient Seraphim Wisdom and Soul Guidance is the pillar of these sessions.

Through integrity, inspiration, and intuition, Devaiya Ra always meets his beloved clients as they are, knowing that each person always receives exactly what they need in a session.
No session is exactly the same, making for a truly unique and transformative experience exclusive to each person.

Each session is a 1 hour and 11 minute time commitment


“Devaiya has a clear understanding of this modality and how to walk you through this practice in a step by step, logical way that truly allows for both sides of our brains to process as they need to for the goals and intentions that are set forth at the very beginning. This is an aspect that largely seems lost/ forgotten in many practices that I have walked with in my experience.

This hour + session was incredibly powerful in all that it was. And I am so grateful for this healing hooper who graced and honored me with his time.” 

Sat nam,

Christopher Burlingham – Flow Artist – Jackonsville, Florida



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