Serving Humanity

Today I choose to start my day by visioning how I can serve humanity moving forward. We truly are living in a time of prophecy with so much information coming to light around the world and societies we live in. When I tune into my body and ask myself how I can best serve humanity through this time, there are a few places where I notice myself investing my energy into.

These places I am focusing my energy are aspects of my soul work that were lying dormant as they were being alchemized and evolved until this global shift occurred. It feels like I have been in training for this exact moment in human history and herstory. Since the global shift, I have noticed myself tuning in to the inner subtleties of energetic healing and initiation more than ever before. My guidance has prompted me to create numerous online offerings for people to tune in to from all around the world. This surely was not something I thought would be happening so quickly, but as we remain physically distant, our energetics are getting stronger and more refined. For those who are choosing to alchemize all fear into Love, what I am seeing is radical openings in not just my life, but the lives of others I am holding space for as well.

In honouring this prompt of how I can serve humanity, I am being affirmed time and again that the offerings I have been holding are critical to this global shift. From one on one Soul Alchemy sessions, to Soul Seduction workshops, Reiki attunements, and virtual global festivals, each one of these have been activating people on levels so deep and profound that I can only bow down in reverence as I remain in service to ALL beings.

My guides, angels, and ancestors are showing me a lot of visions and they are providing clear cosmic signals towards the direction I am walking, dancing, and flying into. And the most beautiful part of all of this is that by me showing up in surrender, I am sending Love ripples through the collective consciousness and people are messaging me to say they are feeling these ripples. This is truly the art of Calling In; this is the art of manifestation and seduction.

I can feel my body opening into limitless possibility as I continue to refine how I present myself on a global stage. There is a crack in my cocoon and my butterfly angel wings are starting to strengthen and take shape so I may rise up into deeper leadership of the New Earth Paradigm. And this is something ALL of us have access to. I am not a special anomaly, but instead I AM but a drop in the ocean of 7.7 billion people all experiencing the greatest awakening of our lifetime.

So, once again, as I take time to reflect on how I am serving humanity, I feel inspired and lit up by life. Everything that was seeded into my consciousness from this lifetime and beyond is starting to grow its roots and anchor in to this New Earth Paradigm that we are all co-creating together. I Am Here, and I Am Ready to be of full service to humanity.


Xo, Devaiya

East Sooke Park, British Columbia, Canada
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