Seasons of Change

As our cognitive awareness continues to focus into what this next season brings, I am reminded of the importance in creating sustainable connections and conversations for people who may feel like they are navigating this journey of life all on their own.

We are not separate from each other, but we live independently from each other in our own lived experience.

For those who do not have accessible community around them, I have been feeling a stirring in my heart of how to leverage the online networks to create opportunity to connect, learn, grow, and inspire.

With this, I invite each of us to look at how we are serving each other through the dialogues we exchange across all media platforms, phone calls, and in person.

The interactions we have with each other, whether big or small, play a critical role in how we make choices every single day.

And so a couple questions appear:

• Do you allow your emotional sensitivity to influence how you interact with others?

• Do you feel empowered and confident within yourself?

• Have you taken time to do the inner work so the outer world does not shake you to your core?

If you have answered ‘No’ to any of those questions, here is an opportunity to become aware of why. In a world where we are becoming increasingly isolated, our internal well being is at the forefront of how we are going to navigate this next season on the planet.

In the core of who I am and why I do what I do, unconditional Love is at the forefront of how I choose to hold myself.

I am imperfect, but I am a miracle of creation itself.

We all are.

I choose Love as best as I know how to at any given point. And this is why I continue to create what I create. This is why I am birthing online courses and trainings for people to discover and activate a deeper connection to self and soul.

If you have been calling in support,

If you have been asking for guidance,

If you feel like you are ready for a new chapter,

I encourage you to respond below with an emoji or comment and I will share something exciting with you! Together we are capable of so much possibility, and it is my joy and honour to continue anchoring in Love into the collective consciousness.


From my heart to yours,
Devaiya Ra

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