Reiki Level 1 & 2

Reiki cultivates light-love energy to shift, heal, and transform all levels of the physical, emotional, and subtle body.

Our subtle body is where our energy source and life force stems from. 
It is through our energetic awareness that we are able to tap into the potential of our passions, and turn them into tangible opportunity to sustain us in this world.

I proclaim that through our energetic body we are able to cultivate deep healing within ourselves, our families, our ancestors, and our world.

This is reiki.

Universal Life Force Energy is what permeates through all life.

Reiki cultivates the limitless energy to transform our own selves so that we may be a conduit; to liberate and inspire humanity on its path of development and ascension awareness.

Flower-of-Life Galaxy

Reiki is a healing practice used to bring balance and restoration to ourselves and others. In our current world, many people are beginning to awaken to a deeper relationship with themselves to further fuel their creative potential and power. This said, many people still do not know how to escape the adopted societal construct that restrict us from accessing universal abundance in our professional, relational, and personal lives. The essence of humanity has been misplaced, yet no one is restricted from reclaiming it. 

Reiki is one method to which people have reclaimed their power, and welcome in the true sense of abundance.

Rooted in the Japanese and Tibetan lineages, Reiki has become a popular practice in our western world. The words itself can be described as “Universal Life Force Energy”. This life force is the essence of everything on our planet that is alive, from plants, animals, and humans. Through Reiki, we permit our mind, body, and soul to calibrate to a deepened state of connection, restoration, and healing. Reiki is a non-invasive energy treatment that is used alongside many medical practices, as well as movement and embodiment practices.

This training will be woven seamlessly with Sacred storytelling, Sound healing, and Detailed course material and information.
As the group continues together, Devaiya will be guided to share very unique information around topics such as genetic blueprints, soul retrieval, DNA, ancient wisdom, and how all of this relates to each person on an individual level. This information is outside of traditional reiki, but it has served Devaiya on his journey of healing and remembering.

Level 1 & 2 Attunements: $333

E-transfer or Paypal payments accepted.

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“Devaiya is a gifted healer and teacher. He not only offers exceptional skills and knowledge, but also has an innate ability to tune into what his students need for learning and their own healing.

I was trained by him for my Reiki Level ll and I found the experience incredibly moving and transformative. Devaiya was able to pass on the knowledge and support I needed to be able to offer Reiki to others. I Highly recommend Devaiya as a teacher and practitioner. It is always from a place of love and respect that this healer moves.

Not only has he been a teacher to me, but also a colleague leading yoga and reiki classes with myself also. Devaiya’s integrity and passion for the work he does is always inspiring.”

Sarah Norrad – Writer, Coach, Entrepreneur – Victoria BC Canada


Your initiation into Usui Reiki Level 1 is a one day course to which you will receive a Level 1 manual, certification and can begin your healing journey on yourself, animals, and family and friends. 
Reiki Level 1 comprises of education towards the subtle body system, also known as the Chakra System. From this place of exploration we will dive into practical applications of Reiki healing which include preparing sacred space, calling in ancestors and higher deities, and setting energetic boundaries. 
Once our group has been initiated into Reiki Level 1 we will begin to do healing work on ourselves first, to clear out energetic blocks that reside within. Moving forward as a group, we will go into partnered healing sessions and then collectively come together to send healing out to the world.

Together, we raise our vibrations at an accelerated pace that is safe and protected.


The Usui Reiki lineage I was initiated in permits me to offer Level 1 and 2 together, as this was how I was personally attuned. The reason behind this accelerated path is simply put into the context:
“The world needs healing now more than ever. We are on a path of accelerated ascension, and our bodies are able to receive initiation at a faster rate than when Reiki was initially brought to the western world. We are ready.”

Upon receiving your Level 1, you will move into receiving your Level 2 attunement. You will receive a Level 2 manual, certification, and can evolve your Level 1 healings into a more resonant state for yourself and others. This level involves a deepened awareness towards Reiki, utilizing three symbols stemming from the Usui Reiki lineage.

You will be initiated into your Level 2 and granted access to the three main symbols used in the Usui Reiki lineage:

Choku Rei – Power Healing Symbol

Sei Hei Ki – Harmony Healing Symbol

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – Long Distance Healing Symbol

Similar to Level 1, we will first be preparing sacred space, clearing our own subtle bodies, calling in ancestors and deities, and moving into healings with one another using the symbols and evolved techniques.

We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for

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