Reiki Mastery Level 3

In receiving your Level 3 Mastery attunement, you will be able to use reiki on yourself and other people in healing sessions, as well as be able to facilitate trainings and attune others in their Reiki Level 1 and 2 attunements.
As the Mastery attunement integrates in your being, you will be receiving 3 new symbols for Level 3 Mastery healing. Reiki will also integrate into modalities and passions you currently embody. Devaiya will provide clear information on the integration process throughout the day.

I proclaim that through our energetic body we are able to cultivate deep healing within ourselves, our families, our ancestors, and our world.

This is reiki.

Reiki Healing is a subtle body healing modality based in the Japanese lineage. Rei – Ki translates to “Universal Life Force Energy”. This is the energy that permeates through all life and creation. It is the invisible force that binds atoms and galaxies alike. And this is what we are tapping into, discovering, and remembering through this energetic lineage. Reiki is the ability to cultivate the limitless energy to transform our own lives so that we may be a conduit; to liberate and inspire humanity on its path of loving development and ascension.

What’s Included in this two day training:

  • Reiki Level 3 Attunement, Manual, and Certificate
  • 3 new Reiki symbols to further amplify your healing capacity for one on one sessions, as well as facilitating attunements for others.
  • The 3 new symbols are:
    • Raku – Chakra clearing symbol
    • Dai Ko Myo – Mastery symbol
    • Tibetan Dai Ko Myo – Mastery symbol

Bonus material for ascension support:

  • Quantum Timeline Healing
  • Genetic Blueprints and DNA
  • Ancestral Healing and Trauma Reclamation
  • Mastery Lineages
  • Sound Frequency Healing

What our days will look like:

Together we will join in opening the space and container. This will be a very experiential, and informative day. Upon receiving your Level 3 attunement, you will be guided into various exercises including:
  • Self-healing sessions
  • Partner and small group sessions
  • How to lead a Reiki training
  • Full Energy Healing Body Map
  • Guidelines and Consent
  • Intuitive Guidance
This will all be woven seamlessly with Sacred storytelling, Sound healing, and Detailed course material and information.
As the group continues together, Devaiya will be guided to share very unique information around topics such as genetic blueprints, soul retrieval, DNA, ancient wisdom, and how all of this relates to each person on an individual level. This information is outside of traditional reiki, but it has served Devaiya on his journey of healing and remembering.

Level 3 Mastery Attunement: $444

E-transfer or Paypal payments accepted.

Contact Devaiya at

Reiki cultivates light-love energy to shift, heal, and transform all levels of the physical, emotional, and subtle body.

Reiki is the ability to cultivate the limitless energy to transform our own selves so that we may be a conduit; to liberate and inspire humanity on its path of development and ascension awareness.

Universal Life Force Energy is what permeates through all life.

“Devaiya is a gifted healer and teacher. He not only offers exceptional skills and knowledge, but also has an innate ability to tune into what his students need for learning and their own healing.

I was trained by him for my Reiki Level ll and I found the experience incredibly moving and transformative. Devaiya was able to pass on the knowledge and support I needed to be able to offer Reiki to others. I Highly recommend Devaiya as a teacher and practitioner. It is always from a place of love and respect that this healer moves.

Not only has he been a teacher to me, but also a colleague leading yoga and reiki classes with myself also. Devaiya’s integrity and passion for the work he does is always inspiring.”

Sarah Norrad – Writer, Coach, Entrepreneur – Victoria BC Canada

We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for

  • Victoria, BC Canada

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