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Quantum Reiki lineage.

Quantum Reiki Mastery is all about evolving your personal healing practice to a point where you can attune and initiate others into the universal life force energy that is transforming the planet, one heart, and soul at a time. Let's go quantum together!

Devaiya Ra

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When I received my Level 3 and 4 mastery attunements, I came to learn that I received them at the same time. This accelerated path was VERY potent, and as I continue to listen to source creation, I have been guided to offer Quantum Reiki Level 3 and 4 mastery attunements as separate trainings so your body has time and space to regulate the initial evolution in becoming a Reiki Master who is able to attune and open other people into their Level 1 and 2 attunements.

“The world needs healing now more than ever. We are on a path of accelerated ascension, but as healers and initiates we must also allow our bodies time to calibrate to higher frequencies. We are ready to go quantum, but it is important to remember that we never cease to be human.”

Reiki is one method where people have claimed their power, purpose, and potential.

Rooted in the Japanese and Tibetan lineages, Reiki has become a popular practice in our western world. The words itself can be described as “Universal Life Force Energy”. This life force is the essence of everything on our planet that is alive, from plants, animals, and humans. Through Reiki, we permit our mind, body, and soul to calibrate to a deepened state of connection, restoration, and healing. Reiki is a non-invasive energy treatment that is used alongside many medical practices, as well as movement and embodiment practices.

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About Devaiya

Devaiya Ra is an Alchemical Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Voice Activator, Cosmic Code Messenger, Ceremonialist, and Visionary who has been sharing Quantum energy healing modalities and the ability for oracular vision for over a decade professionally.

Quantum Reiki Level 3

Your initiation into Quantum Reiki Level 3 is the first layer of the mastery attunements in the Usui Reiki lineage. Within this level of attunement, you will be receiving three new symbols that not only amplify your healing potential in sessions with yourself and others, but this mastery attunement also allows you to facilitate Quantum Reiki Level 1 and 2 trainings for other people! This truly is where A LOT of energy is unleashed within you and your service to the planet. Not only will you receive an entire manual with information pertaining the symbols and how they are used, but you will also be provided clear guidelines on ways to facilitate attunements both in person and online.

Please note, there are different ways that people attune others in their Level 3 and 4 mastery attunements. In my own journey, I have come to understand it as being most effective to offer Level 3 mastery providing the three symbols and information on how to facilitate attunements. Level 4 goes into detail about providing Mastery attunements, and in my life experience this separation is very important to allow your body time to integrate and embody the first tier of Quantum Reiki Mastery.

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Quantum Reiki Level 4

In this final evolution of your Quantum Reiki attunements through the Usui lineage, you will be guided through the final layer of refinement through your level four attunement. In Quantum Reiki Level 4, not only will you be able to attune others in level 1 and 2, but you will also be able to move forward and attune other people through all four levels. Some people reference this level as the Ascended Mastery level, as you calibrate your energy to be an initiate of the mastery attunements. These attunements truly transform peoples lives (I mean, all attunements and healing sessions do, but this is realllllyy where we begin to go Quantum!). You will learn how to guide people through the journey of facilitating trainings, as well as how to transfer mastery attunements to other people.

And on top of all of this, once again, your own inner healing potential amplifies tenfold and the depth of focus and clarity you create in your practices becomes an incredible force of unconditional love for the planet. Quantum Reiki Level 4 concludes the journey through your attunement series, and it opens up the gateway for a radical transformation in your being to continue accelerating your path of ascension on this planet. You will truly become a master manifesto of your reality!

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Frequently Asked Questions

These courses are completely online based and hosted through Everlearn – a new online learning platform that I am the Director and Cofounder of!

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Also, with regards to online live trainings, these will happen as I am guided, and for anyone who completes the online courses, they will receive Free access to the online live classes.

Quantum Reiki Level 1 – 4 are nonrefundable certification programs. I do not show up half hearted to these trainings, and neither should you. Reiki is universal life force energy, and ultimately it will assist in EVERYTHING you do moving forward in your life. Should you have any questions, please reach out to me via email at devaiya.ra@gmail.com

In honouring our evolution, Quantum Reiki came to me as I began teaching Usui Reiki trainings. I am not the only person working with this term Quantum. Essentially, I interpret Quantum to mean folding time and space, both regarding physical locations as well as our past-present-future timelines. Quantum Reiki takes the teachings of Usui Reiki and brings them into New Earth language and practices that support humanity in our modern 21st century. Through embodying the term Quantum in my own healing journey, I have personally witnessed an incredible acceleration in my own life’s journey. These trainings are my personal invitations to welcome you into your own accelerated path of healing the planet through going Quantum.

In the westernized tradition, Reiki has needed to be transferred person-to-person. In my trainings, I discuss how this is not based in the ancient roots of Reiki. That said, a Reiki master attuning another person is also not part of the ancient roots of Shinto, a Japanese religion dating from the early 8th century and incorporating the worship of ancestors and nature spirits and a belief in sacred power ( kami ) in both animate and inanimate things. It was the state religion of Japan until 1945.

We all have access to Reiki the moment we are born, but in the world we live in we have been conditioned to forget the vital aspect of universal life force. I offer these trainings as an access point for you to remember your power, purpose, and potential.

In today’s modern age, while we continue to navigate incredible shifts around physical distancing, I was guided to bring these trainings online for people around the world to receive these teachings anywhere they are. I will still offer live calls and in time  will host in-person trainings, but for now I am listening to my inner guidance in bringing these teachings completely online based.

The short answer is no. But remaining in integrity is important to me, so here is the direct excerpt from my training manuals regarding this:

In my experience as a practitioner and master healer of Reiki since 2012, I have never been asked to provide my ‘credentials’ beyond my attunement certificates, nor have I been declined an opportunity because I was not registered with a specific organization / non-profit / or governing head around Reiki. Organizations such as the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) or the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) hold strong standards and ethics within their organizations and accreditation process. But, it is also important to recognize that they are simply organizations which have their own set of rules, regulations, and guidelines with what they deem as credible requirements to be affiliated with their organization. This is a completely optional choice, and it requires many additional commitments outside of Reiki attunements. Listen to your inner guidance around what feels best for you regarding this type of accreditation beyond your attunements. 

We must remember that Reiki is a modality that accesses universal life force energy which has been around since creation itself came into existence. Reiki pre-dates all corporate entities that hold governance around this healing modality. Our greatest position in claiming our credentials comes from knowing our Reiki Lineage, and correlating it back to Dr. Mikao Usui. Additional to this, it is important for you to feel confident in our own capacity for healing. You may experience your own integration, clearing, and healing through the attunement process. Take time to allow Reiki to flow through your soul, and in organic timing you will know when it is time to share this gift with others. Should you have any questions or need any clarification, please send me an email and I would be happy to schedule a call.”

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