“Seduction from the Stars”

An initiator of soul seduction and ancient activations, Devaiya Ra has been an inspirational catalyst for many years. Captivating audiences across the Westcoast, Devaiya has been an active interdisciplinary performance artist for over 7 years, with burlesque and drag evolving his expression for 3 years. From intergalactic prayerformance to tantric teasing, the ‘Seduction from the Stars’ carries Devaiya Ra around the world offering sacred teachings and healing performance art.

What is ‘Prayerformance’, you might ask?

This is Performance Art on a new level of energetic awareness. Prayerformance is the art of working with the energy of the audience, and using the time of undivided attention to alchemize, inspire, and elevate hundreds of people in one performance.

Devaiya Ra – “Reclaiming Power” Burlesque Prayerformance
at the inaugural Isle of Tease Burlesque Festival 2019

Devaiya Ra – “Sweet Dreams” Burlesque Prayerformance
at VOKRA Vancouver Fundraiser ‘Titties for Kitties’ 2019

Devaiya Ra - TfK 6

Devaiya Ra – “Intergalactic Invocation” Burlesque Prayerformance
at Galactic Glamour 2018
and Dark Carnival 2018

Devaiya Ra – “Smashing Sports Patriarchy” Burlesque Prayerformance
at Riot Grrrls Revue


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