On the contrary…

What if an entire system has been built on the suppression of health and wellness in the name of profit and gain?

What has fascinated me throughout this entire pandemic is witnessing incredibly extreme narratives being played out that are continuing to create division amongst each other.

I’m not discrediting anyone who has directly experienced the heartbreaking reality of this virus, but I truly feel we are seeing another virus playing out too…it is called Hate and Anger, which stems from Fear and Grief.

The more I continue to sit with this, feeling like I need to turn my media off and focus on creating clearing within myself, I continue finding myself on here scrolling through an endless sea that is revealing the ocean floor. The deepest, darkest murky waters are showing us what we need to see most.

Yes, there is a virus.
Yes, there is a pandemic.
But responding out of Anger and Fear is only continuing the cycles that the world we have created is desperately asking us to break.

Love Has Won.

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