Lionsgate 08/08/2018 – When my world united with Miracles in Cosmic Love (Unity Grace), Sainte Grace, as well as Peter Tongue, Derek Anthony Vroom and many others.

Alongside soul fam, we activated the sacred water which Unity gifted to Phoenix Muranetz prior to this ceremony before Unity buried her water with the prayer mat from indigenous elders from Standing Rock. And in the spirit of gifting, I presented Unity with the symbol of complete forgiveness and release through the vertebrae of a dear as the prayer mat and sacred water were buried.

We gathered at the paws of the sphinx in Victoria BC (Albion/Alcyon), singing the songs of the ley-lines opening the portal to reclaim 13 strand DNA.

At the end of the rising ceremony for Lionsgate, Derek presented me with a Taureg pendant which he carried for over 5 years before meeting me. Before he placed my Taureg from a past life into the palms of my hands in this lifetime, Mary Lapp carried the taureg months prior fusing it with divine feminine energy. Between Derek and Mary, they activated the masculine and feminine codes in the Taureg which I now carry as it is encoded with Devaiya Ra’s entire akashic record. Androgynous Angel activated.

Further ceremonies connecting to Egypt in December 2018 with Phoenix, Danny Picard, Shirley Hampton, Tito Ohep, Sydney Kapuahinano Coelho, Rico Paganini, Melanie Jäger, Bryce Musil, Bruce Mitchell, Pieyre, Cali-Don, and all of our egyptian family further activated the coding for our full 13 stranded DNA regeneration.

Since these turning points in miracle memories, I continue to rise into my fullest form. Celebrating the Lions Roar on this day, I acknowledge that we all are rising as we continue clearing our intergenerational cycles, restoring our full potential as we allow our bodies to come back online.

Timelines collapsed, United together as One life.

Activate the Angel within,
You are All One with LOVE.

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