Life Through The Veil

We are experiencing a massive global awakening. The world as we knew it 3 months ago is not the same world we live in today. Despite living in a plexi-glass paradise, many of us have been navigating an inner journey that has made us question the core essence of our humanity. So many individuals have had their life change in very substantial ways, and as we all continue to open into the possibility of what a ‘new normal’ looks like, it is paramount that we begin to harness our personal power, passion, and purpose moving forward.

Through this stillness, many people have been questioning the fragile foundation of our globalized economy. We are the system that longs to be grieved and healed, and this global shift has cracked open the collective grief that is ready to be cleared and alchemized once and for all. Together we are witnessing every reaction and response each one of us are sharing. It isn’t an easy feat to speak your truth, and whether or not your truth is fear-based or love-based, it is valid and it needs to move through you in order to heal.

Would we be questioning the ideologies of global health, wellness, and freedom the same way we are now without a global pandemic? The answer to this is No, because it took our entire world shutting down for many of us to have a moment of stillness to feel the full depth of our human experience. We were blindsided by a busy life for generations, and now in the year 2020 all of that is changing.

As we continue to discover and claim our new direction, how can we best support one another during this transition period?

For myself, I recognize the position that I hold on a global scale. As someone who is aware of the energetic frequencies that I choose to embody in this lifetime, I recognize I have a voice that is an important element to help birth New Earth frequencies on the planet. The quantum healing work we are all capable of is going to become much more important and apparent over the coming weeks and months.

With each person that wakes up to their divine blueprint, they send ripples of restoration into the planetary collective. And for those who are still scared and operating out of old paradigm fear-based programs, it is our responsibility to hold one another in tender love. Those who are waking up are the embodied parent archetypes, and those who are still afraid need their inner child to be assured that everything is going to be okay. This is a natural part of our evolution, and we have so much to offer each other when we openly communicate what we feel in our body.

For those who are still choosing fear and projecting it out onto the world, I choose to not engage in conceptual debate, but instead I read and hear the fear, and in my own body I alchemize it into Love and send Love back to that individual. I am not separate from you, so if people I know still feel these fears, it is my responsibility to hold a neutral position of unconditional Love.

Instead of rejecting fear and further amplifying and justifying its power over people, I choose to disengage while maintaining my position of being a pillar for galactic ascension. This is what being a wayshower is all about: fully embracing the chaotic energy to bring it back to its central position of people longing to heal, reclaim, and restore their divine essence deeply rooted into the soul of their being.

This global shift has only just started and the age of Aquarius is rising within each one of us ever more as we continue to transition out of the Piscean age. We are still in this transitory period as 2012 was only a few short years ago. Our world is stepping into a new cycle of 26,000 years – known as the procession of the equinox. And with this global shift, we are being gifted an opportunity to quantum leap into our new frequency, together as a united humanity.

So, in this moment I claim on behalf of the collective that ALL Life may continue to restore itself back to its Optimal Alignment. I claim that the echoes of our ancestors become soul songs that each one of us sings into existence. I claim planetary reconciliation and grief trauma recovery. I claim that all benevolent beings begin to show us clear cosmic signals of how to step into our liberated global potential. I claim that unconditional Love is the root of our human existence, and that each human being will remember this state of being together. I claim that Love Has Won, and that We are the ones we have been waiting for.

The time is now, our sovereignty is here for us to embody.

Wi love wi,


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