Life in 2020 Vision

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. As I sit down this morning, I am called to reflect on the many aspects of my personal life journey that have brought me to this point.

There is not a doubt in my mind that everything happens for a reason, and despite feeling reservation towards sharing my full self with the world, my heart and soul continues to nudge me gracefully forward to be bold, brazen, and beautiful in all the ways my heart and soul ask to express themselves.

In 2 days I will be remembering the first person in my immediate life who died suddenly and unexpectedly. This person died during my first prayerformance where I danced the embodiment of spirit, wearing Isis wings and dressed in all white. This prayeformance was created to call in The Future of Humanity, and as I take time today to reflect on this medicine, I approach my reflection writing with a serenity and calm that moves from the crown of my head into the root of my soul.

We each carry stories and experiences that define us at certain pivotal points in our journey. 4 years ago I could have never anticipated the immense journey of soul recovery that I would be placed on. During these 4 years, my soul essence reclaimed itself in this lifetime. Through death came resurrection, but it was no easy feat. In this reflection I am aware that the story of my life is meant to be told, but I will be patient with how the words ask to be heard and received. I am learning the importance of sharing my raw truth with the world to show my humanity to not only others, but to myself.

There is so much that wants to come through me, and my heart knows that the messages it wants to share are going to open up portals to human connection that I cannot possibly comprehend in this moment. My lived experience of ascension is but a single drop in the vast ocean of collective consciousness.

So as I continue to let these words flow through my being, opening up memories in my body of these past 4 years, I hold myself in a tender space with a willingness to dive deep into my subconscious to REMEMBER who I AM and how I got here.

My life is a living ceremony. It always has been, but before these last 4 years I was playing small, silenced by my own cognition. Now I lead with my heart, and I trust in the intelligence of Love, for it is what created rapid transformation in my life. But, this transformation came with great sacrifice. And as I recognize the vague language given to this post, I know that the details of my life journey will continue to open up like the petals of a lotus flower beginning to bloom from the mud of the old paradigm…

So with this acknowledgment, I welcome in my remembrance so that it may be shared beyond my two ears. I trust that my message needs to be spoken and written for the world to hear and receive. Because through vulnerability, liberation into my sovereign self graciously awaits to be witnessed.

No longer playing small, I choose to rise from the ashes of death and despair, welcoming in Unconditional Love in every cell of my being, and in every genetic condition of my blood lineages.

This is the first day of the rest of my life, and I am ready to step into my power, purpose, and potential with the dawn of each new day. Only today is guaranteed, and for that matter, only this moment in this day is guaranteed.

I choose Love, and Love chooses me. Here I am, ready to fly with my destiny.

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