Heart Strings

As we continue on this path of discovery, remembrance, and healing, there are many turning points which we will walk through. What this means is that we are going to continue being presented with core elements of self so that our relationship to our identity, both individually and collectively, can be brought into a more clear perspective so we may claim the gifts that healing and reconcile the present waking moment. This healing journey is something ALL of us have to navigate, but together we can amplify the shift and movement into a higher frequency of human potential.

We were raised in fear and war. The world we have all been birthed into is not in its optimal alignment. But we are moving, shaking, and releasing anything and everything that no longer serves. We are being asked to rise up into our power, as a global collective. Unity consciousness longs to be embodied by the heart of all life and creation.

As we continue to open, our Heart Strings are ready to be felt in all ways. Love has no opposite, and the wisdom of your Heart connects you to all of life and creation beyond the egoic mind. This Heart resonance is something that all of us know, but many of us forget or suppress by the stories we tell ourselves in our mind.

The logic mind is balanced when emotional awareness is brought through the bridge of communication. Feel the fluttering wings of Love permeate through every cell of your being. Breathe in the Love you so desperately seek within yourself and others. As you embody this Love, you create an auric field around you that protects and welcomes in all benevolent energy.

As you claim your inner sanctuary of safety, recognize that you have an opportunity to step into a new cycle where you can magnanimously attract every desire you seek to manifest.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed. This transformation is your inner alchemy, and this alchemy is what turns your shadow into light. This is not bypassing what needs to be healed, this is stepping through it with power, purpose, and potential.

Be soft. Listen. Create silence. Receive. Alchemize. Restore. Heal. Love. Cry. Laugh. Dance and sing. Keep listening to what your body is asking of you, for all of the tools are inside you.

Your destiny is no longer dormant. Your destiny has arrived at the center of your soul, and as you uncover the layers of yourself you will find yourself arriving at the center of who you are, and why you are here.

Embody Love as best as you know how to. Love has no opposite, for it is the echoing essence of all of creation, and you are intrinsically woven into the collective fabric of all that we know in this beautiful global tapestry.

We are here, we are healed, and we have arrived at our divine present moment.

Breathe deep, offer prayer, and keep loving forward.

Xo, Devaiya

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