Be The Change

Yesterday I had a powerful ‘aha’ moment around the work I do within my business and personal life. After spending the day upleveling and getting clear on next steps in these pursuits, it became apparent I need to begin shifting my language around my passions so that I can access the network of people I desire to work with.

These 3 titles came through for me to embody:

• Thought Leader’s are people who pave the way for innovation in business and personal pursuits

• Change Agent’s are people who specialize in shifting societal structures that do not serve the greater good

• Revisionist’s are people who who work within the current structures of society and bring them into optimal alignment and sustainability.

This is who I am, and who I will be working with. These names / titles hold a lot of power and I am excited to see how this integrates into my professional pursuits.

Change is immanent, and I am ready for the uplevel!

Are you?

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