Preparing for a Leap

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When you decide to take a leap of faith in your life, your body prepares you in many different ways: Physical TirednessYou may find yourself more tired due to your energetics being stretched and expanded. Conflict ResolutionYou may notice more conflict arise so that you can clearly communicate to those places where your external life […]

Be The Change

Yesterday I had a powerful ‘aha’ moment around the work I do within my business and personal life. After spending the day upleveling and getting clear on next steps in these pursuits, it became apparent I need to begin shifting my language around my passions so that I can access the network of people I […]

Seasons of Change

As our cognitive awareness continues to focus into what this next season brings, I am reminded of the importance in creating sustainable connections and conversations for people who may feel like they are navigating this journey of life all on their own. We are not separate from each other, but we live independently from each […]

I am Free

I am not here for the faint of heart. I am here for the warrior who holds the somber touch of Truth as a precious crystal. Molded and shaped by the heat within the core of human existence. Carved from the edge of human experience, and smoothed by the soft echoes of healing. I call […]

A letter to the Masculine

To the Masculine as an archetype, and as men whom I know and have built connections with. This letter is not directed to anyone in particular, this is more so an open letter from my soul to the collective consciousness of the divine masculine, which is held by myself and other people I know, but […]


Hold yourself accountable for the actions and responses that others felt by you. But as you do this, get clear on how you hold it so to not hold onto other people’s trauma. As an activator and disruptor of patterns, it is important to discern between the inner and outer worlds. And to discern what […]


Lionsgate 08/08/2018 – When my world united with Miracles in Cosmic Love (Unity Grace), Sainte Grace, as well as Peter Tongue, Derek Anthony Vroom and many others. Alongside soul fam, we activated the sacred water which Unity gifted to Phoenix Muranetz prior to this ceremony before Unity buried her water with the prayer mat from […]

Truth knocking at your doorstep

I share this post from a place of raising awareness. I do not consent to embodying fear in my cellular being, but I do consent to sharing this information to bring awareness to matters that are happening immediately in our city of Victoria BC Canada as well as all around the world. This is a […]

Taking Flight

This morning I arrived in Calgary, where masks were mandated today starting August 1st. Getting told to put my mask back on when I was trying to drink water…and complying every other moment except for taking a sip of water. I could feel the fear when landing as we overlooked beautiful nature landscapes. People continue […]

Water is Life, Water is our first medicine.

One drop of water is all it took to change the world. Water bearers around the planet move sacred water between leylines, sacred sites, and at gridpoints to help anchor prayers across the globe. The statement ‘One drop of water is all it took to change the world’ speaks to the singular being a part […]