About Me

An initiator of ancient activations, Devaiya has been an inspirational catalyst for many years. The elements of movement, metaphysics, and meditation eternally captivates his personal journey. This quest for soul discovery ripples out into the world through waves of creative inspiration. Devaiya has been a guide, performer, and teacher for over 7 years in the Canadian west coast among the grounding forest, cleansing ocean, wind struck mountains, and the warmth of community. His journey carries him around the globe offering sacred teachings and healing performance art. 

Sharing his energy healing modalities and his ability for shamanic vision, he supports the rising of the Seraphim Light Body – the activation of spiritual wings for all of humanity. The meaning of the name Devaiya comes from – ‘Dev’ meaning spirit, and ‘aiya’ means bird. The spelling is an androgynous union of the sanskrit name Devaya|Devaiah. Through source codes, transmissions, and presence, Devaiya moves through the world with an inspirational and unstoppable force. 

“As our body moves and expresses itself, life force energy is cultivated within and shared with others.”

Devaiya Ra is an Usui Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer, Yoga Teacher, Cosmic Code Messenger, and Sacred Performance Artist. He has reclaimed his lineage to heal and protect the future generations. A trained musician, performer, and energy healer, Devaiya was called into life awakening with the death of his father in 2016. This was a very palpable experience that has been a catalyst in Devaiya’s life. Death has been the re-discovery of personal power and potential. Through the shadow of trauma healing and many transformative ‘blessons‘, Devaiya has found the core essence of loving his soul. This love is embodied through creative sacred empowerment.

Through unconditional love, Devaiya has risen from the ashes into the ether’s, carrying his ancestral and soul lineage with love and grace.