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" Only you live between your two ears,

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The meaning of the name Devaiya comes from ‘Dev’ meaning spirit, and ‘aiya’ meaning bird. In other words, I connect to the ‘Spirit of the Bird’, and I embody an angelic and multidimensional essence. 
The spelling of Devaiya is an androgynous union of the Sanskrit, Hebrew, and Egyptian name Devaya | Devaiah. The power of Ra’ is the essence of the Egyptian Sun God and Creator of all life. 

Devaiya Ra translates to: 
“The spirit of the bird / winged ones
in service to the Creator of Life”. 
Although my ancestral lineage is predominantly Celtic in this lifetime, their have been many connection points connecting my ancestral and soul lineage, and this is a personal journey which I hold in reverence and respect through embodying this name in this lifetime.

I have been sharing Quantum energy healing modalities and my ability for Oracular vision for over a decade professionally. 

I support the rising of the collective consciousness through activating the Hearts of earth angels and for all of humanity. 

“As our body moves and expresses itself, life force energy is cultivated within and shared with others.”

An initiator of ancient activations, I am an Alchemical Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Voice Activator, Cosmic Code Messenger, Ceremonialist, and Visionary. I am here to be a global leader, a change agent, and a revisionist for the personal and professional lives of many. Living in the Canadian west coast among the grounding forest, cleansing ocean, wind struck mountains, and the warmth of community, my journey has carried me around the globe offering sacred teachings, trainings, sessions, facilitations, and healing performance art. 

Moving through the world with an activated energetic force of Love, I receive, transmute, and reconcile soul fragmentations within ancestral lineages and genetic coding on the planet through healing the heart of humanity.

In the pursuit to reclaim my ancestral lineage to heal and protect the future generations, I was called into immense life awakening with the death and murder of my father in November of 2016. This was a very palpable experience and it was a massive turning point that radically shifted my life. In experiencing every layer of grief imaginable, death created space for the re-discovery of personal power and potential. Through the shadow of trauma healing, like a seed in the soil, I have blossomed continuing to root into the core essence of unconditional love.

This journey of healing has magnetized my capacity to love all of life and creation, embodied through creative sacral empowerment.

Through unconditional love,
I have risen from the ashes into the ether’s, carrying his ancestral and soul lineage with reverence, love, and grace.


From the early

years of Life,

I knew I had something special to offer the world. I was raised in a split family with two differing world views, one foot in two worlds. From an early age I discovered my extrasensory gifts through my adventures in nature. But it did not take long before those gifts were shamed and put into a box so that I could conform to societal norms and religious constructs. 

My parents saw my sensitivity and knew that I had a unique flavour to who I was as a little queer kid, but it would take me 17 years to accept my sexuality and gender expression. 

After years of indoctrination through the christian faith, I reached a tipping point at the age of 16/17. Once I began to open pandoras box, the flood gates of curiosity opened before my eyes and I had very little control over my self discovery of pleasure and filling voids.

For so long I held myself captive from my own self. Terrified to speak my Truth and express who I was at the core of my being. But as I began to soften the layers of programming and patterning, I began to awaken to my potential.

“Sometimes we have to hide ourselves to protect ourselves. 

But don’t hide for so long that you forget yourself.”

I dove deep into my shadow in my formative years, suffering from depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. I forced control over myself in any which way I could find; all while avoiding the core of my heart and what it was desperately trying to tell me.

I began to strip off the armour that kept me safe for so long. This is where I was first introduced to practices like yoga, meditation, and physical obsession. I still had not learnt what my heart was saying.

Continuing to unwind my sinful self-sabotage, I was introduced to substances and pleasure that was toxic, and I filled my body up with choices that created addictive cycles and escapist patterns.

But yet, there was always something that kept tugging at my heart, pulling at the loose strings that were ready to reveal another piece of myself I had nearly forgotten.

Stepping into young adulthood, I was introduced to Kundalini yoga and Reiki. This was the beginning of my ascension. Very quickly I gripped on to these practices with desperation to replace the space that the void of my soul was hungry to fill. Life began to shift. I received my level 1 and 2 Reiki attunements at the age of 18, and by the time I was 19 years old I was attuned with my level 3 and 4 Reiki Mastery attunements in the Usui lineage. This was in 2012.

I started to become alive again. Moving mountains of shame, I began to express myself. 

Who knew I would love to wear high heel boots and off-the-shoulder shirts so much?

There was still much to unwind, but the journey was afoot. And so, I knew it was time to move from my hometown to Vancouver BC Canada. I was accepted into University to study Classical Music with the goal to become a Music Therapist. But the universe had far greater plans for me…

I swam upstream through university. Having little musical experience apart from my depressed teenage love songs that I wrote, classical music school really kicked my ass and my self-confidence.

I persevered and dedicated myself until I received my diploma, and during the summer I also leaned into my long lost love for Yoga. In 2014 I received my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, and very quickly I was offered a position at a studio right between my university and my house.

I discovered my love for teaching through sharing yoga with others,
and I quickly discovered the many possibilities I could do with Reiki and Yoga. 

The entrepreneur in me truly was inspired, but oh boy, I was so young and naive. 


I remained in a flux state for a year or so, teaching and beginning to live the city life now that I wasn’t in full-time university. I began dancing at clubs and discovering how much joy movement brought me. And it was here that I was introduced to some incredible people who welcomed me into the performing community in Vancouver.

In my early years of rebellion, I danced after I consumed substance. But now, I was dancing and being offered opportunities to perform on stages. It did not take long before I was performing at festivals in the summer of 2015, meeting all of the right people to propel me into the beginning stages of my soul purpose.

In the summer of 2016, after a year of radically opening up to myself, I began to feel a stirring in my heart.

In 2012, I received a sanskrit name ‘Dev Dharam Singh‘, which means ‘The lion who walks with courage and grace inspiring everyone as I go‘. I could never fully grasp this name and in hindsight, it is because I felt like I was culturally appropriating the Indian lineage. But in meditation, I began to see the name ‘Devma‘ appear. It was a fusion of ‘Dev Dharam’ into one name.

In May of 2016, I was introduced to someone who would become my bestfriend, my soul sister, and my galactic ally. We met by collaborating together on an incredible event where she was speaking and performing around the topic of “The future of Humanity”. This was an experience that we would later come to know as a ‘Prayerformance’, but we will save that discussion for later. 

And so, in the summer of 2016, I was invited to attend a small festival in the beautiful wilderness of British Columbia, I began introducing myself as ‘Devma‘. But much to my surprise, nobody could grasp the name. “Dave, Devon, Derek…what is your name?” I knew something was taking place, though I had no idea what it would actually create in my world moving forward.

Without going into the fine details, that same weekend a woman I had met had an incredible awakening moment on the Saturday evening. In this experience she began to channel words in a different language to me with her eyes closed. This language sounded very ancient and familiar as I listened to her. Something within me knew that this was a tipping point and I felt absolutely no fear and only unconditional love. As I witnessed what was moving through her body, she began to sing to me in this ancient language. The song was the sweetest lullaby I had ever heard, and part way through the lullaby the name “Deva(i)ya” was sung to me.


Upon hearing this name, my body had a full calibration instantaneously. I could feel energy surge through my entire left side, right side, through the midline, and all around my entire being. As she continued singing, I spoke out: “My name is Devaiya”. As soon as I spoke out my name, she began to open her eyes and began to speak in english once again. She came back into her body fully, and expressed that she was singing my egyptian mother’s lullaby to me. 

Two days after this experience, I was back at my house resting and decompressing from the festival. On that Tuesday morning, I woke up very early and was full of energy. With my morning coffee, I pulled out my cellphone notes and began typing a story. I felt like I had zero control over my fingers, similar to how I feel now writing these words to you. There was such a steady rhythm of words that flowed through my being and I couldn’t even stop to read what I was writing. The words wrote themselves through my two thumbs on a cellphone screen.

Eventually the writing stopped, and when I was able to read what I had written, I had come to realize that I wrote down my entire Akashic Soul Record that documented my entire lifetime in Egypt up until the present day of 2016 (at that time). I immediately dug out a crown from my costume clothing, and placed it upside down over my forehead and took a picture. This was my signifier that I was claiming Devaiya in this lifetime.

All of my life began to shift. For the remainder of that summer, I attended four festivals performing and teaching, and I received a free vacation to Hawaii for two weeks. Something was truly unlocking in the center of my soul, and I was given the space to reclaim this place for the summer months. The synchronicities and connections were incredibly other worldly, and one day I will have the space to unpack all of these stories.

Two worlds were merging into one, just like I had been raised by two parents with split world views. I was unifying my psyche and my soul through embodying Devaiya.

And little did I know at the time but in 2018 I would be guided back to Egypt, with my soul sister and 12 others to activate powerful energy for the entire planet. But once again, lets save this for another story…

There is a saying that you most likely know, and it is used to define the law of conservation of energy: 

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed”. 


Energy always needs balance, so as I continued to discover and remember aspects of myself through past life regression, channeling, and movement, music, and meditation, in the month of November 2016 I experienced the most devastating and earth shattering event. On November 14 2016, I received a phone call being notified that my father was dead and potentially killed on November 13 by his friend while on a trip in Mexico. My entire world collapsed in front of me, and without hesitation I packed up two suitcases of clothes and left everything I built in Vancouver to move back into my childhood home with my mother and stepfather.

My father’s death and murder was the most excruciating experience, and continues to be the most devastating aspect of my lived experience. As the eldest son, I was catapulted into uncertainty and made choices that would forever alter my entire life. Without going into too much detail, at the age of 24 I became the sole representative of my father in an international murder investigation and trial, and presented my fathers entire life as a business owner, a father to myself and three minor children, a husband who was legally separated from his previous wife, and much more. At 24 years old I made the choice to sacrifice my entire life to bring justice and reconciliation to my father’s life.

The details are very complex and dynamic, and the trauma wounds are still tender with memory. Throughout this entire chapter of my life, from 2016 until 2020 / present day, I have witnessed and come to learn the depth that trauma can tarnish a soul. I have crumbled and picked myself up time and time again, continuing to press forward in my healing journey, not just on behalf of myself, but on behalf of my father and my entire family.

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt through this is that “Love has won”. Without Love as my primary foundation, I very well may not even be alive to this day. Over these years since my father’s death, my inner healing has brought me to new depths and heights of personal reclamation. 

How I show up in the world around me now is very different than before. Now, when I feel joy and laughter, I embrace it with wholehearted gratitude. When I experience grief and sadness, I hold it tenderly and listen to what it wants to say. When I feel trauma triggering my body, I go deep within to discover where that fragmentation is stored in my cellular being. When I am inspired, I listen to the pulsation of creative lifeforce vibrating through my very essence of self and soul.

This is how I came to learn that I am a Global Leader; someone who is destined to change the planet one heart and soul at a time. I choose to be a catalyst for growth and expansion first for myself, and then for others as I know when I transform my trauma, my Truth is discovered.


The work I do is evolving, just like me.
I am remembering my pleasure, power, purpose, and potential,
and as I remember this I share it with others.


In whole hearted surrender, I bow down to the hearts of all humanity. We never cease to be human, but how we choose to live between our two ears is 100% our choice.


From my heart to yours,

Devaiya Ra

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