A letter to the Masculine

To the Masculine as an archetype, and as men whom I know and have built connections with. This letter is not directed to anyone in particular, this is more so an open letter from my soul to the collective consciousness of the divine masculine, which is held by myself and other people I know, but this is not exclusive to any gender and construct. Yes, these words are my heart pouring through pages on an internet algorithm, but I look forward to reading these words in the future.

I thank you for your tenacity in holding your strength with open arms to expand awareness on how you connect with myself and other men. I applaud your dynamic relationship with yourself and others who carry masculinity. As a man myself, I find myself continually facing edges and boundaries that my soul know do not exist, but our societal construct has bombarded our psyche to the point we believe it is real.

To the masculine and men who I know, I apologize for any disruption that I create. My purest intent is to hold you with an open heart softening the layers of fear many of us hold with being intimate together. As disruption takes place, activation typically takes place simultaneously.

How can we mitigate the space between disruption and activation? This is something I am still learning about and I truly know that my heart has always been held in integrity, my actions have always been held in Love, and my communication has always been held in transparency. But none of this can take away any layers that other men hold. All I can do is embody my Truth as I best know how to, and learn from lived experience to broaden my perspective in how I relate to the masculine.

Why has intimacy been stripped away from brotherhood?

This is a question I contemplate often. Even as a queer man, my ability to hold intimacy in a balanced manner still comes up time and again as distruption occurs within myself and others. I am learning, I am healing, and no matter how much inner work takes place – there is always additional layers of relation when interacting with others. I know my core root is stable and healthy, but there are filaments of false ideology that come through. This is an aspect of being human, after all.

I have nothing to hide and nothing to prove. All I have is my lived experience, and the memories of past connections and relations. I choose to release all shame from my reality, yet as someone who carries the rainbow flag loving the masculine in a multitude of ways, what I truly desire at the core of my being is authentic friendship that has a foundation in Love.

I no longer sexualize the masculine. But, I still appreciate and honour the masculine. The physical/mental/spiritual elements of masculinity has eternally captivated me. And as a man who is incredibly feminine and receptive to her energy, I admire the macho masculinity that is embodied in a healthy way.

I deeply long for you, the masculine, to reach your hand out to me. When I reach my hand out to you, you still hold hesitancy because you are afraid of my power. That is not something I will ever compromise, but I ask you to no longer cast me outside of your energetic frequency of strength. I am learning and loving you from new angles, every single day.

To the masculine archetype and men I know, thank you for continuing to do the work together. Whomever you feel safe with, please keep leaning into them. Together we are reclaiming divinity, and together we are unifying our inner union of masculinity and femininity.

We all hold duality differently, and we all unify duality differently. My story is different than yours, and yours is different from mine. But I know we share similarities, and we all have opportunities to learn with each other – not from each other – with each other.

Moving forward, I choose to embody my relationship to the masculine differently. I choose to hold you in sovereignty, loyalty, love, and forgiveness. And if how I hold you makes you uncomfortable, all I can ask is that you lean into your bodies cellular memory to ensure you do not project onto me creating false attachments to situations that might be misunderstood based on societal programming, intergenerational trauma, and situations that are deeply rooted in this collective narrative we are all reconciling together.

I choose to continue rising into my King Sovereignty. I choose to say I Love You. I choose to say I’m sorry. I choose to say Please Forgive Me. I choose to say Thank You.

From my masculine heart to yours,

Devaiya Ra

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