Hold yourself accountable for the actions and responses that others felt by you.

But as you do this, get clear on how you hold it so to not hold onto other people’s trauma.

As an activator and disruptor of patterns, it is important to discern between the inner and outer worlds. And to discern what is ours, and what is others.

Yet, in the spirit of unity consciousness, recognize that others are a part of you and the responsibility to hold those connections in integrity is so vital to rising up through Love and Sovereignty.

I am so grateful for the ability to hold challenging conversations with others. To not take things personally, but to feel reflections on a personal level so my body can communicate to me where I stand and how I hold my Truth.

I am so grateful for body awareness and receptivity in how our cellular being communicates and stores memory to teach us beyond a single experience. Leaning into cellular memory can be so helpful when integrating experiences that activate and disrupt our patterns and programming.

I choose Love, Integrity, and Sovereignty. But as I claim this embodiment, I innerstand my position as being a strong force with a lot to offer and hold. And as I hold this, I say Thank You to those spaces and places which are not comfortable, as they ask to expand our edges and broaden our ability to hold space and communicate with ourselves, and others.

We are not separate from each other,

We are united together in this human experience.

And so it is.


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